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Technician Certification

Our Certifications:
Technician:                       Postition:            Certifications:

Brent VanWyk                Shop Foreman      Mack Electrical System (M5)
Master Technician                                     Mack V-Mac Electronics (M4)
ASE Certified                                            Diesel Engines
                                                              Drive Train
                                                              Suspension and Steering
                                                              Electrical/Electronic Systems
                                                              Heating/Vent/Air Conditioning

Ned Gleason                    Quality Control  Preventive Maintenance
ASE Certified                                          Brakes
                                                             Suspension and Steering
                                                             R Stamp Certified Welder

Wayde Henry                   Technician         Brakes
ASE Certified                                           Suspension and Steering

Curtis Wordes                  Technician         Suspension and Steering
ASE Certified

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